Ethical Policy

It is important to know that you can trust the products that you buy. That means Protec Workwear has taken all health and safety precautions for their staff. We’ve made sure that all the brands we supply, comply with standards. these include:

Health & Safety are in place to promote safe working environment.
Minimising the impact on local and global environment.
Adhering to the legal minimum age of employment.
No forced labour or imprisonment is to be used.
Adhering to legal minimum wage, including any overtime pay. maximum hours of work, holiday entitlement and maternity leave.

Environment Policy

Protec Workwear Ltd recognizes it has a primary responsibility, the need to work towards a policy of a sustainable environment. 

As a small company we are minimal users of energy. However, we conserve energy wherever possible. As a policy we also actively where possible, reuse all cardboard which enters our warehouse for packaging and re-delivery. If the cardboard is not fit for reuse we recycle it through a third party.

Some of our range is available to view for customers via our website, making it the most environmentally friendly catalogue possible. We offer all our customers an E-Billing service where they can receive all their invoices via email, cutting down on the use of excess paper. Our delivery service, Parcelforce & Fastway, follow an environmental policy. We are always improving the awareness and training of employees in environmental best practice.

We revise with our suppliers constantly about the sourcing of sustainable new materials/packaging in clothing/material and PPE to help reduce their impact on the environment, minimising emissions to air, land and water

The company keeps abreast of new environmental regulations regularly reviewing where appropriate:

Hazardous substances 
Our suppliers 
Water and energy